The Space Crowd

A Nonprofit Research and Advocacy Group for the Advancement of Space & National Defense

Transforming Space communications

Our engineers are working on technologies that will change the future of space.

Community Outreach

We spend time with the community to inspire a new generation to enter the Space industry.


We are a group of engineers, civil servants and space enthusiasts that met in the SATCOM industry. In December 2023, we banded together to form The Space Crowd.

Our backgrounds span all topics of space from ground station operations to software design. We have contributed to ground breaking projects in the private and public space sector.

United, we stand for a common mission: To advance national defense interests in space.

OUR Approach
to Transforming Space

Space & National Defense

We advocate for good technology practices through knowledge sharing, policy creation and open standards/interoperability.

Ecosystems & Development

We create ecosystems and develop transformational ideas that are adopted in the space industry.

Community Outreach

We believe that creating a sustainable future in space starts with STEMs education at home.


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WAVE: Empowering Ground Station Virtualization

The Space Crowd joins WAVE

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